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The Weather Man

The Weather Man is one of the few characters in the game. You get letters from him from time to time with weather updates. He always signs off with "...Reporting from the Weather Balloon, over the smoke stacks, over the city, The Weather Man."

The Weather Man usually informs the player about the strange, icy weather taking place around Burnington, telling the readers to stay warm around their fireplaces. The Weather Man, on one occasion, reports the burning of a house, and the loss of a life with it. In this letter, he says "Remember... fire can be warm! Fire can be fun! Fire can be DANGEROUS! But remember, there is one thing more dangerous than fire..." and ends the letter with his usual outro.

The Weather Man plays a key part in the "end sequence" of the game, where you take control of the character you have been playing as throughout the course of the game. If you go to the cliff at the edge of town, the Weather Man will drift onto the screen. He tells you that he can take you far away from the city, as far asthe character wants, but after that, he is on his own, and he can't come back. If you accept the offer, the Weather Man will give a brief final forecast, and the game will end with one final glimpse of the weather balloon, the Weather Man and the character gazing down over its railing.

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