catalog #3

Like the title, this catalog features many food products including the "Mystery Seasoning" featured on the front

list of objectsEdit

  • Wooden Spoon: Burns normally.
  • Marshmallows: Comes in three and comes alive and freaks out when burnt.
  • Dry Ice: Freezes objects when touched and breaks when burnt.
  • Sausage Links: Flies come out.
  • Blow Fish: Can pop on contact and burnt, when popped eyes are left to be burned.
  • Fragile China: Can break if thrown or burnt, comes in two.
  • Zesty Beetles: Comes in blue,red and green. changes flame depending on beetle burnt
  • Tooth n' Corn: Breakfast Flakes: Corn comes out and pops.
  • Discount Sushi: Comes in three, flies come out when burnt.
  • Future Fizz: Comes in three, fizzes and then blows up when burn.
  • Toy Exterminator: Flames blow out of cannon until burnt completely.
  • Coffee: Comes alive and freaks out.
  • Midlife Crisis Mitigator: Blows up.
  • Egg Pack: Comes in three, breaks when thrown or burnt.
  • Mystery Seasoning: Breaks and then turns everything red.
  • Locust Egg: Flies come out.
  • Magic Mushrooms: When burnt, seeds come out which will make more mushrooms when they are burnt.
  • Super Juicer 4000: Shreds anything that is put into the top of the mincer.
  • Toaster: When burnt two toast pops out, toast comes alive and freaks out.
  • Smoke Detector: Beeps and makes it rain.

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