Scarecrow is an item in the fifth catalog, Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living.


The item is an eerie looking scarecrow that is made out of straw and paper tubes, which is why it's so easily flammable. When burned, crows could be heard. It cost 45 coins and takes a minute and 15 seconds to deliver.


Scares away everything but the crows.


Scarecrow+Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie+Transhumanist Action Figure=Yellow Brick Road COMBO


  • The combo 'Yellow Brick Road' is based off of the movie "The Wizard of OZ " with the Scarecrow representing Scarecrow, the Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie representing the Cowardly Lion, and the Transhumanist Action Figure representing the Tin Man.

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