Medicated Mommy Pills is the 18th item in the fifth catalog, Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living, or the 98th item in the series. It is a small pink pill bottle with the picture of a female (who is also featured on Midlife Crisis Mitigator) on the front.

Behavior Edit

When burned, the top on the bottle pops off and around 12 to 15 pink circular pills pop out. Each pill explodes 1 second after being dispensed.


<p class="MsoNormal">Medicated Mommy Pills+Best Friend Supplement Pills=Pill Popper COMBO

Medicated Mommy Pills+ Midlife Crisis Mitigator=Medicated Midlife COMBO


  • Medicated Mommy Pills could be a jab at the small percentage of mothers who ends up feeling stress from motherhood and looks towards pills and/or alcohol to relax.