Cell Phone is an item you get from the fourth catalog, 1st Person Shopper.

Cell Phone
A pink cell phone with hearts instead of numbers. When burned, it makes the 'out of service' phone sound effect with a female voice saying: "We're sorry, you reached a number that's no longer in service." It cost 15 coins and takes 20 seconds to deliver.</p>


Shrtns all w3rds in2 three char or less. LOL


Cell Phone+Handheld Fireplace+Gaming Tablet=Airplane Mode COMBO

Cell Phone+Low Self-Esteem Action Doll=Texting Gurl COMBO


  • A sentence can be seen on the screen when burned. There are two different sentences that could appear. One saying 'r u srius?!' and the other being 'OMG LOL!!!!'.

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